Pledge Payment

Our two-year Continuing Our Journey of Faith Campaign, an effort to support our retired Augustinians and young men in studies to become Augustinians has come to an end!  We announced that we had surpassed our goal on April 22, 2016.


What's Next?

The $3.5 million campaign helped our trusts immensely.  These trusts are important to our future, as they help fund educating and training more Augustinian priests and brothers as well as providing for our retired and infirm friars.  The trusts are still underfunded, but in a much better position, after this campaign.  We will re-evaluate in the near future what steps we can do in the future to make our trusts more sustainable.


Can you still help?

YES!  This campaign was important for us to build our trusts and reserves for the long-term future of our Order.  We still, however, rely on our Annual Fund to support our vocations, retired friars, and missions in Peru.  The donations made from our Annual Fund are put to immediate use.  You can make an annual fund gift by visiting our main website.