“Always be dissatisfied with where you are, if you want to arrive at what you are not yet. Because whenever you are satisfied with yourself,  there you have stopped... Always add some more; always keep walking, always make progress.” –St. Augustine

Where do the Midwest Augustinians serve today?

Outside of ministry in Peru and our caring for our retired and infirm men, we have schools and parishes in: Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Ontario, and British Columbia. Our mission is to serve the Church where the need is greatest. Our core values (Truth, Unity, and Love), will never change. Over the past 110 years of serving in the Midwest United States, we have entered new places and left others. Where we serve is a function of how many Augustinians we have, of who can work, and of placing our men where they can best serve the needs of the Church.

Why this campaign now?

After much study and analysis of our needs and assets, coupled with much prayer and discernment, we determined that this is the very best time for our campaign. Our need is well documented. Also at this crucial point in time, we have these other key ingredients for a successful fundraising effort: 1.) Support of the Province’s Augustinians, 2.) Strong leadership from the Provincial and Provincial Council, 3.) A dedicated core of lay leaders and volunteers, and 4.) Experienced, professional staff.

Why a $3,500,000 goal on a $12,000,000 need?

The Fr. Ray Ryan Trust for Vocations and the Journey of a Lifetime Trust are in place to continue the Augustinian journey of faith in our ministries for generations to come.  These trusts provide for our vocations outreach, our men in Augustinian formation, and our retired and infirm friars.  The trusts are currently underfunded by $12,000,000.  The campaign goal of $3,500,000 is a challenging, yet realistic, effort to take a significant step toward closing the gap.  Everything donors contribute beyond $3,500,000 would be a further blessing for the Augustinians and for those whom the Augustinians are dedicated to serving.


May I/we direct a gift to a trust of our choosing?

We will honor any request for designating a gift for our men in formation and vocations outreach program or our retired and infirm Augustinians.

How long do you anticipate pledge payments on gifts to the campaign?

The sooner we can deposit your gift into the two trusts the better for the Augustinians.  We are asking every donor to complete any pledge made within three to five years.


How important are gifts of stock and other appreciated securities?

Gifts of appreciated stock and other appreciated securities allow a donor to give more but with lower cash outlays for the donor, less taxes for the donor, and more funds going to the Augustinians.  We expect such gifts to be a key success of the campaign.  There are also creative ways to give from IRAs and other retirement plans.


How does the Province’s annual fund help and what is its relationship to this campaign?

The Province has three sources of revenue to meet all of its obligations to its men, new and old, and to those people it is dedicated to serving.  These are: 1.) Revenue from paid positions of working Augustinians (such as teachers, pastors, chaplains), 2.) Revenue from our annual fund, and 3.) Revenues generated from our trusts.  All three are vitally important, and none is sufficient on its own.  The annual fund needs to generate close to $700,000 a year in addition to what comes from the other two sources.