What does a Province do?


A Province has three principal responsibilities: 1) To recruit and train new members; 2) To assign these men to parishes, schools, or missions; and 3) To provide for the ethical care of the friars when they are infirm or retired. 

What are “Men in Formation”?


We use the term “Men in Formation” to designate all men from the time they enter into our pre-novitiate program at Villanova University until the time they complete their theology studies, make their solemn profession of vows, and are assigned to a school or parish. Typically, this is a period of 5 to 7 years, during which they depend upon the Province for financial support.

If I give to an Augustinian school or parish, why should I donate to the Province?


While most of you encounter the Augustinian Order at the level of the school or parish, it is the Province that recruits, educates, and assigns these men. Without the Province there would not be well-formed Augustinians to provide stewardship for the school or parish you love. 

Why is this campaign necessary now?


We have not chosen the timing. Rather, the Holy Spirit has selected this moment to bless us with a new abundance of Vocations. With these vocations, however, come very immediate, short-term expenses including tuition, room and board, and health insurance. We cannot tell the Lord that these vocations must wait for a later capital campaign!

How is a donation to this campaign different than the donations I make to the annual fund?


Donations to the annual fund help cover our annual expenses and may be designated to meet one of the following three needs: 1) vocations; 2) retired and infirm friars; 3) missions in Peru. For this campaign we are asking that you make an extraordinary contribution to meet the surge in vocations the Order is currently receiving. Currently, contributions to the annual fund cannot meet the needs of supporting all of our men in formation. For this reason we are drawing funds out of the trusts, which should be left alone to grow in order to provide long term stability. A donation to this campaign will go specifically towards the support of our young men in formation, while allowing the trusts to build.



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