It costs on average $42,000 annually to support just one of our seminarians.

This means that…

  • $13,000 will cover the cost of one quarter of studies

  • $3,500 will cover the cost of one month of studies

  • $1,150 would cover 10 days of studies
  • To cover the cost of One Day of formation, you would only need to pledge $10 per month for one year.

What do these costs include?

  • The average monthly health insurance for one of a theology students is $450
  • The average annual tuition at Catholic Theological Union is $25,000
  • The St. Augustine Friary, a house of 18 men where our theology students live, has a monthly food budget of $4,400.


What it takes to bring you Augustinians

Between young men in discernment and the Augustinians who serve your school or parish, there are many expenses that are solely the responsibility of the Midwest Province:

MWA Men Discerning Vocations Infographic.png